Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bunny Old Skool block print

I've been working on block printing for a while and decided to go for something a little bigger than I had before, and with multiple blocks and colors. 

I also wanted to do something where I could vary the main print a bit by having different add-ons.  In this case, I have the rabbit as the main image, and the walkman can easily be exchanged for a cookie or a cross or a flower or whatever, and the text can be changed as well, making a totally different type of image.

I started out by carving a large (10") bunny in a different style than I am used to (usually, I do outlines, but this was filled).  I carved some alphabet blocks too, in a typewriter font, and then decided to add to it by making a walkman-style image to stick in the bunny's hand, and some earphones for his rabbity ears.  Here's the result:
So I made a giant patch with it and put it on sale in my etsy shop, figuring people could stick it on the back of their hoodies or jackets, or on a tote bag or something.  Clearly, the patch would need to be trimmed and sewn on, but I think it would make a cute design.   You can get it here in my etsy store!

I also used it as the basis for a zazzle design.
And you can buy the whole series of Old Skool walkman-wearing bunny stuff here in my zazzle store.

Not sure if anyone else will think it's as funny as I do, but just me thinking it's funny is a start, no?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Kawaii Cupcake Pink Hoodie

Sooooo..... here's my latest hoodie, a pink, kawaii-style upcycled Old Navy hoodie, with cupcakes and hearts and everything.  It's in my etsy DaisyDreams shop.  It took me several hours to make, but it was worth it.  It's extra-super soft and awesome.  I keep thinking I should keep these for myself, but again, my hoodie collection is far too large as it is.

Tomorrow is my 34th birthday!  My students are all up to something.  I think they just want an excuse to bring food and not do class.  I told them we could eat cake and do class at the same time. :0P

More to come...  two days till the weekend!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hoodies, yay!

I've come to the realization that I have an unfortunate hoodie addiction.  I have roughly 57391138362520.3 of them in my closet.  At least 3/4 of them are in various shades of gray.  Many of them come from thrift stores, and they still look awesome.  I wear them whenever possible.

Anyway, I stopped by a new Salvation Army the other day, and I found a lovely NIU Huskies hoodie for $2, which was awesome since I went to NIU and my last hoodie from there died a year ago, and the ones at the bookstores cost $50.  This one is a dark gray, with red satin words and white embroidery.  It's awesome quality, and the only defect was that one of the metal rivets for the hoodie string had fallen out, so I used my magical hoodie-fixing skills and removed the other one.  Now both side are equal, and I have a great hoodie.

Then, I had a magical moment of truth in which I realized that the thrift store is full of awesome, once-but-no-longer-loved hoodies, often with only a few small stains being the reason for their heartless abandonment.  And, I realized that I can block print them, thus covering the stains.

So I went crazy and bought four of them.

The first one I made today, a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning (and part of the afternoon).  It's a very high quality, bright yellow, cotton Nike hoodie in size L men's (no tag, but it's bigger than my M Huskies hoodie).  It's got a blue and silvery logo.   It had some paint stains on the pocket. I covered all the paint stains with block printed penguins and stars, and am quite happy with the results.  I wanted to keep it myself.  maybe if no one buys it, I'll do just that.  There are still some VERY faint marks on the sleeves that I couldn't capture on camera because they are so light.  Looks like some pen lines or something, but so, so faint it's barely visible.   Lovely Swoosh on the hood, too!  All-in-all, a great and happy hoodie.

You can see more pictures, or purchase it in my etsy shop Daisydreams / Dylan Mars And Riley.