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How to keep your pant legs from dragging on the ground

If you're short, or you like long pants, and you're not into high heels, you might find yourself with your pants dragging under your heels and getting wet when walking through grass.  Or, maybe you're into buying too-big pants for your kids so they can grow into them, but you don't want them tripping over their pants legs... whatever works... Here's a quick tutorial for how to make magnetic strips that keep your pants rolled up.  They're cheap and quick to make, and if you color-coordinate them with whatever you're wearing, you'll look super-awesome as well ( I made that last part up ). You will need: -A piece of felt in whatever color you want -Coordinating thread (and a needle if not using a machine) -Four super strong round magnets Cut a strip of felt about an inch to an inch and a half wide.  Make sure your magnet can sit on it and have a border around it.  The strip should be as long as you want it, plus about 2"-3" extra.