Civil War - Sherman's March to the Sea printable task card / center

I spent most of this morning creating a new printable center for my teacherspayteachers store.

This item features a Sherman's March to the Sea / Civil War printable file folder center activity that doubles as a worksheet. The questions on the worksheet are compatible with pretty much any book (trade or text) having to do with Sherman's March. This center activity is perfect for independent research in a trade book- and internet- based classroom.

This center is a self-checking riddle sheet. If the students correctly answer each question, they will solve the answer to the riddle. If it is not correctly completed, the riddle reply will not make sense.

The Common Core requires students to analyze primary sources, including photographs and art. Included in the center is an essay involving a series of three images / photos of Sherman's March. Students are asked to evaluate Sherman's tactics and methods and the ethics involved, while using details from the images as support for their replies.

A sample answer sheet is included, so that students can make a replica on a sheet of notebook paper, eliminating the need for any sort of photocopying. 

In our school district, this topic is covered in the 5th grade portion of U.S. history, but some schools cover this in 4th grade or even 6th.

Printable includes 8 pages, including cover and answer sheet, as well as directions on how to assemble the center should you go that route. Teaching ideas are also enclosed. Great for use with a sub!

Images are used within permission stated from the Library of Congress.


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