Squirrel Banjo Band Preposition Interactive Notebook Packet

 It's hard to keep kids engaged with grammar. I always try to make my sentences and activities as silly as possible to keep the kids interested.

One of my favorite ways to keep kids paying attention is to use their names in example sentences. I pick a numbered stick, ask the child if I can use his/her name in a sentence, and write the sentence on the overhead. The class corrects the grammar in my sentence or finishes a sentence starter with a certain grammatical task.

Today, I created and posted a packet of "old school" notes on prepositions (5th grade Common Core skill). The packet features a Squirrel Banjo band. The worksheet on identifying prepositions tells a story of an annoyingly loud Squirrel Banjo Band, a visit from an (unnamed) president, and a happy ending for all involved.
It includes two pages of interactive notebook notes (Old School notes are on grid paper and meant to look like sheets from before mass-production), a drawing and practice activity, and a worksheet to identify prepositions and prepositional phrases.

Click here or below to get to the packet on TPT.


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