I'm back!

hi there!  I'm back!  I let this blog lapse for some reason, like for more than 9 months, I think.  How terrible is that?  I'm not sure anyone was too disappointed.

I got back onto this blog because  I felt the urge to start carving blocks again and printing thousands of pounds of underwear again.  So I have a whole new crop of those in my etsy store.

I carved a kawaii sort of cupcake block two days ago.  Here's a picture of some underpanties I printed using them:
They made me smile anyhow.  I'm planning on putting the block on hoodies some time soon.  You can get these panties here.  You can also convo me if size 5 is not your size, and I'll custom make you a pair.         
I also carved a really cute little fox block, but it's not printing clearly on fabric because of the detail and the thickness of the fabric I was using.  I'll have to deepen all my cuts before I print with it again, and not sure how deeply I can cut, because this is my first time using "the pink stuff" to carve blocks.  I like this pink carving material better than the white speedy cut (crumbles), and about the same as master-carve, though maybe a bit more because it's pink.  And pink is good.  :0)


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