More penguins

I made yet another penguin stamp in the last two nights.  No pictures as of yet, so will have to upload one later.  I'm on quite a penguin kick lately, and as I got a nice big sheet of pink SpeedyStamp, I can carve to my heart's delight for at least a while.  I also made a small bow stamp that I can use as a penguin hair bow (do penguins need hair bows?) or bow ties.  I am on a total carving kick.

It helps that I am making sales again (amazing what actually putting effort into something will do!).  I sold a penguin shirt I made from a screen made on a piece of curtain fabric and using an embroidery hoop as the frame.  I used screen drawing fluid and filler, but because the screen is held in such a crappy frame, it's starting to crack.  It's okay; I'm trying to move from screens to stamps because I like the variety of designs I can get from three stamps together, as opposed to a screen with a set pattern.  Strangely, a sheet of stamp material is cheaper than a blank screen.  Screens do get clearer results, though.

I also have a potential sale for a customized item from a block as well.  Hurray!  If only I didn't have such "hobby A.D.D.," as my little brother calls it.  He has it, too, btw.   Oooooh, sewing, ooooh carving, oooooh, shoe painting, ooooh, writing!  Never follow through with much.

That's all for now.  More later.  Must go to bed (at 10:15 on a Friday night!?); I'm so boring!


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