Everyone wants to come in


I was sitting here at home minding my own business when my cats began dashing back and forth across the patio slider door, slamming themselves in to the luckily cat-proof pet gate I had created for it (click here for directions).  On the other side of the gate, this crazy chipmunk baby was not only eating my green beans but also slamming into my screen door as the cats slammed on it from the inside..  So they were pretty much slamming noses across the screen, which, had the screen not been there, would have been bad news for the chipmunk.  There was a whole lot of slammin' going on over here, if you can't tell.

Total wildlife trying to get in through my patio: 

many worms (who manage to slide under the closed glass patio door; 

one bullfrog who also liked to slam repeatedly into the door to try to get in (my Prince Charming maybe??);

one chipmunk; 

and one raccoon (who wouldn't let me IN one day when I went out with the dog after we had exited via the patio door). 

Party at my place!!  It's like The Wind in the Willows over here.

Full view of patio screen panel (requires no tools except for scissors and a sewing needle):



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