Covering Classroom Shelves (relatively) Cheaply

I've been working on ways to cover my shelves and make my room look more unified, all without spending too much money.  Here's how I've been doing this:
  • Take black butcher paper and cut to desired size.
  • Put a cute picture from a calendar in the middle (Dollar Store calendars rock)
  • Put a border at the bottom.
  • Laminate the whole shebang.
  • Attach with a strip of color-coordinated duct tape to the shelf above.
If you're working with a very wide shelf, it might be a good idea to make separate "doors" that are half or 1/3 of the width of the shelf.  That way, you don't need to lift a long, heavy flap.  Just lift the little door you want to move.

As an added bonus, you can say, "Hey, Joey, go get a dictionary.  They're behind the tiger!"

The side of my cheap utility shelves that make the side of my classroom library area:

Covered back side of my (sagging) utility shelves.  I store class library books on the other side and mini-books on this side.  So, I'm covering the shelves on this side, since the kids don't need to see the mini-books.  I'll eventually cover the top shelves as well.


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