How to make a storage / panel / divider screen with virtually no tools

That pile of "stuff" in the corner


If you live in a tiny place or just don't have enough storage in your home, you may end up with a pile of "stuff" in a corner. OK, it's neatly stacked up and it's in storage bins, but when it's in a room you frequent every day, it might ruin the visual appeal of the room.

Here's how to make a quick fabric storage panel / curtain (also works as a freestanding headboard for a bed!), with no tools, little time, and if you plan it right, for under $45. You can probably put the whole thing together in under 20 minutes, which is great for the "instant gratification" DIY set (of which I am part).

What you'll need:

-A fabric shower curtain (72"x72" is standard)
-Shower curtain hooks (will not be visible, so buy the cheap kind)
-A rolling garment rack that stands at least 72" high and extends to about that wide (less is ok on the width)
-A scarf at least 6 feet long that coordinates with the colors / design of your shower curtain
-Three small binder clips (optional)

Set up the garment rack to full extension

First, set up the garment rack according to the directions in the package, but do not install the wheels. If you do install them, you'll be able to see under the curtain. If you prefer to have that look going, put them on and nothing terrible will come of it!

Extend the side bars at the top of the garment rack to make it was wide as possible.

Hang up the curtain

Next, hang up the curtain, using the curtain hooks. You may have to spread out the hooks on either side of the vertical support poles in order to make the curtain lie flat or close to it.

At this point, you can adjust the vertical poles to fit the shower curtain size if it does not look "right" or lie how you would like it to do so.

Put up the scarf and adjust everything

Finally, lay the scarf across the top of the bar, draping it to cover the bar and the curtain hooks completely. Adjust it so that it looks appealing to you. If you are concerned that the scarf will fall off, use binder clips to attach the scarf to the curtain on the back side of the panel. 

Drape the bottom of the curtain so that it covers the feet of the garment rack. Position the garment rack so that it hides everything you need to hide in the corner.

Finished! Junk pile: secured.

Uses in the home:

Use this in the home to conceal any of the following:

  • Your junk piles
  • A bicycle inside a small apartment
  • Your recycling
  • Messy shelves in a wall
  • Wires
  • An ugly wall
  • An ugly window if you can't put up curtain rods
Use as a freestanding headboard for a bed
It's light, it's easy to move around, it's not permanent, and it's easily washable. If you get tired of the design, shower curtains and scarves are cheap and plentiful in thrift stores and online.
Happy concealing!


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