What I found in my closet on my day off

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I suppose the title of this sounds rather frightening, but really, it's not so much so. I was cleaning out my spare room / craft room on Friday because the school I teach at had a snow day (hurray!) right before winter break (now we have 17 days off in a row, woo-hoo).

I came upon this corset top I had painted several years back, meaning to list on etsy, but never did. Somehow it ended up shoved in a giant, bottomless plastic bin in my giant, bottomless closet. I forgot its existence.

Then I found it. I popped it on Daisy, and found that it looked pretty good. She's a size medium, and the shirt is a large, but she's been known to fit into smalls and larges as well.

So anyhow, the corset is now on sale in my etsy shop, along with another t-shirt I found in the back of the closet.

Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking. Must've been a crazy year.


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