If you're looking for some very stylish St. Patrick's Day clothing, please visit my zazzle store.  Below is a very highly-uber-stylish piece of clothing that someone just bought.  You, too, can be cool like this person.  The shirt features a sad, dancing pickle (yes, a pickle!) with a candle in his head.  Why?  Why not!

Text reads, "The Official Saint Patrick's Day Happy Dancing Party Pickle! Accept no imitations!" 

Official St. Patrick's Day Dancing Party Pickle shirt
Official St. Patrick's Day Dancing Party Pickle by PetiteFrite
Make cheap custom t-shirts at zazzle.com

Be the coolest person drinking green beer this year: wear this shirt.  Yay.  And in case you were interested, similar designs are also made on binders, coasters, mugs, cards, postcards, and just about everything else in the world that you can think of.


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