TPT - French ER Verbs "Old School" Crossword and iPhone Scanner Trick


I'm back!  And here's my newest Teachers Pay Teachers item:  an "old school" (hand-drawn and -written on dot-grid paper) crossword puzzle featuring basic French ER verbs.  

This can be used with any basic chapter on ER verbs for French class, but it is compatible with the list of verbs for lesson 7 in Discovering French Bleu.  It is an introduction and only uses infinitive forms of the 18 basic verbs.

If it were up to me, I'd draw all my worksheets and assignments.  I love black and white ink drawings and find drawing much more relaxing than doing art on the computer.

One of the things I like best about my iPhone is that it has a built-in scanner.  In case you weren't aware, you can go into "notes" on your iPhone, push the camera button in notes, and you'll see a "scanner" option.  I generally scan the item I want and then I screenshot the scan because I can then easily manipulate and edit the photo /scan in photos.

This is also a nifty trick if you're doing remote learning and you need to scan a document to send it to your / your child's teacher.


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