Yay!  It's Thanksgiving break!  After two eight hour days of parent-teacher conferences, I'm ready for some time off. 

Yesterday, I was at conferences from 12 to 8 pm, and on Monday I had the same.  I managed to sneak in some time to print up a penguin shirt using my new penguin blocks.

It's a plus-sized shirt (2XL), and I think it turned out rather well.  You can see it here in my ETSY shop .

I also made a sports bra in size XL, using the same penguin block.  I'm on some kinda penguin kick now, I guess.  You can see this item here in my ETSY shop as well.

Because I was gone for the past two evenings, my mom was kind enough to take my pup over to her house for the evening.  She took him for a run on both nights, going 4 miles the first night, and 3 the second night because it was pouring.  She said he was an excellent running partner, so maybe she'll take him again :0)!  My mom runs marathons at almost 60 years old, which is quite cool.  My little brother got her healthy joint genes and is running in her footsteps. I take after my dad, sadly, and had all the cartilage scoped out of my knee after a bone spur showed up in there and scraped most of it off all by itself.  So I have to settle for walking endless miles with the pup.  No complaints though; I can still walk.

Now, off to enjoy 5 days off!  Yay!


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